Free epub Download Harry Potter and International Relations 

Harry Potter and International Relations epub

Book Description:

Why not take seriously the claim that Harry Potter’s world intertwines with our own? In this timely yet otherworldly volume, more than a dozen scholars of international relations join hands to demonstrate how this well-loved artifact of popular culture reflects and shapes our own lifeworld. A wide range of historical and sociological sources shows how Harry’s world contains aspects of our own. Practices such as quidditch dovetail quite clearly with “muggle” sports, and the very British-ness of the books has, in translation into languages such as Turkish and Arabic, been transformed to reflect these unique cultures. Chapters on the political economy of the franchise, as well as the scholarly problems of studying popular culture, frame what is essentially a highly info-training read.


Harry Potter and International Relations epub

Author(s): Daniel H. Nexon, Iver B. Neumann

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Year: 2006

ISBN: 074253958X,9780742539587









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